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Sports Skill Class Module

The Sports Skill Class module is one of the core requirements of the HLTH1010 course. Students are expected to attend ALL sessions in a class and to complete at least 9 hours in a sports skill class to fulfill the "Sports Skill Class" module requirement. Students are encouraged to do so in the Fall Term. Attendance in additional sports skill classes will be counted towards the attendance in the "Activities" module.

The Sports Skill Classes are designed to suit the needs of participants who may have no prior knowledge or experience in the selected sports activities. The classes will cover a wide range of sports activities including aquatic activities, rhythmic activities, combat activities, fitness and wellness activities as well as individual and team sports. Each class has 12 contact hours comprising sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each. The class schedules and registration details will be announced at the beginning of each Term.

The physical education professional staff is responsible for class design and planning while qualified instructors (full-time and part-time) will conduct the classes. Participants will get feedback on their progress and development during the class sessions.

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