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Intake Survey

In order for the University to provide an environment conducive to your university education, we need to know more about you, such as your background, aspiration, wellness status, educational goals and study habits.  Students will receive email notification from the Course Office in early September to complete the Intake Survey by 7 October 2018 (Sunday). 

The Intake Survey, a required component of the compulsory “Wellness” module,  composes of the following three parts: 
1. Special Educational Needs Report Form
2. Survey on Background Information of Undergraduate Students
3. Student Educational Profile and Expectations Survey

Your effort to complete this survey will be counted as one course hour attendance for the Healthy Lifestyle Course (HLTH1010). Attendance record will be uploaded within 7 working days upon the completion of the survey period. Please check your participation record at http://my.ust.hk/

Click "Healthy Lifestyle Course" under "My Studies" in the "Home" tab of myPortal.

Students should contact the Course Office at 2358-8586 or email hlstyle@ust.hk in case your participation record has NOT been properly recorded. The Course Office is located at Room 1013.