Students are encouraged to take part in the following events to enhance your wellness and healthy lifestyle as well as to complete the course requirement:

Take part in the events of "Orientation" module to learn about the joy and challenges of university education, the student services and programs offered by the Dean of Students' Office, as well as the Healthy Lifestyle Course (HLTH1010) requirements:

  Getting Started@HKUST & Course Introduction Session

Take part in the events of "Wellness" module to enhance understanding and development of your wellness:

  Intake Survey
  Health & Fitness Assessments
  Wellness Assessments (HLQ & DASS)
  Exit Survey

Take part in the Fitness Training Class to learn the use of campus fitness equipment and planning for your workouts.


Take part in a Sports Skill Class to learn a new sport.


Take part in events of "Activities" module in sports, wellness and personal enrichment, and community or voluntary work to facilitate your understanding and experience of a total healthy lifestyle:

  Additional Sports Skill Class
  Organized Sports
  Wellness & Personal Enrichment
  Community or Voluntary Work