Dear students,

I write to invite you to complete the
Wellness Assessments (HLQ & DASS), the COMPULSORY COMPONENT of the "Wellness" Module in the HLTH1010 Course by Sunday, 7 October 2018.

You’ll obtain 40-minute and 20-minute course hour respectively upon successful completion of the HLQ and DASS. Attendance record will be uploaded to your course progress in about 7 working days after you have completed the assessments. Please check your HLTH1010 course progress then and inform us when there are discrepancies in the record.

Please follow the steps below to complete the two assessments:

 1. Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaire (HLQ)
You’ll obtain 40-minute course hour upon successful completion of the HLQ.

Students should have received the assisgned PIN for completing the HLQ sent by the HLTH1010 course office through the ITSC email account on 10 Sept 2018.

Please complete the assessment at 

1.  Choose "Click here to begin Assessment for Group: HLQ 100 - 2018/19".

2.  Enter your PIN to access the 100-item questionnaire.

3.  Follow the instruction to give accurate responses to the questions..

4.  Click here to view the HLQ report.

You will receive an immediate HLQ report about self-understanding and personal growth.

 2. Mood and Stress Assessment - DASS
You’ll obtain immediate feedback and 20-minute course hour about your emotional state upon successful completion of the DASS..

Please click the link to complete the Mood and Stress Assessment (DASS] at:

If you have need any assistance in completing the wellness assessments, please email


Course Coordinator