Course Description
The Recommended Template

How to Get the Most out of the Course & Get a Pass

Recommended Year Plan
Recording of Attendance and Progress Check

How to Get the Most out of the Course & Get a Pass

In taking the course, students are required to take part in:

Orientation Module to learn the HLTH1010 Course requirements and know the University resources in helping you to maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle on learning, work and leisure:
- Getting Started@HKUST & Course Introduction
Wellness Module to enhance understanding of your wellness:
- Intake Survey
- Health & Fitness Assessments
- Wellness Assessments (HLQ & DASS)
- Exit Survey
Fitness Training Class to learn the use of campus fitness equipment and planning for your workouts
Sports Skill Class to learn a new sport
Two or more of the activities in sports, Wellness & Personal Enrichment and Community or Voluntary Work to complete the "Activities" module requirement

Upon completion of the course, you should
Have a better understanding of your wellness conditions
Be better prepared for taking charge of your wellness and personal development
Learn a new sports skill and participate in regular exercise for a better level of fitness and healthy lifestyle
Learn how to make conscious decisions in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by balancing the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, occupational, spiritual and environmental aspects of life

Students will be awarded a PASS in the HLTH1010 Course at the end of the Spring Term by obtaining a PASS in each of the 5 modules AND accumulating a total of at least 45 course hours on or before 3 May 2019.